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Discount for skipass

Jak získat 15% slevu na skipasy v HarrachověIf your accommodation provider in Harrachov is a member of the Harrachov Tourism Development Association, you can use the opportunity to enjoy a 10-30% discount off ski passes in the Harrachov Ski Resort.

Skipass price reduction:

1 day (8 hours): 10%

2 and more days: 15 - 30%

Point tickets: 20%


How to obtain a 10-30% discount off Harrachov ski passes

Upon your arrival, ask your accommodation provider for a Harrachov Card, and present it at the time of purchasing a ski pass. The discount form is non-transferable and its holder must prove his/her identity.  

Terms and Conditions:

  • Every holder of Harrachov Card is entitled to get discounts from all the facilities offering the respective discounts
  • The above entitlement is non-transferable to other persons
  • Holder of this discount form must prove his/her identity when requesting a discount
  • In case of an unauthorised use of the discount form it will be withdrawn from your property without compensation
  • In case of a proven abuse of the discount form, a fine of 10.000,- CZK can be charged

List of Accommodation Facilities offering a Harrachov Card and discount of Harrachov ski passes


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