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Česky Anglicky Německy Polsky

Town History

Harrachov – the center of the winter sports but also the place with great history of glass making is also possible to call the town on the border. In fact, there are two borders: northeast  to northwest edge is basically boarder line with Poland, where there is a important cross point for all vehicles Harrachov/ Jakuszyce. There is also crossing point for the hikers which is just little further up by Vosecka Chalet. Second boarder would be between the krkonose and Jizerske Mountains.

Todays town was created after World War II by connecting two, until then separate parts Ryzoviste, Harrachov and Novy Svet. Ryzoviste is considered to be one of the oldest mining colonies. In 17th century there was the glass factory founded here. It was moved to Novy Svet at the beginning of the 18th century. In 1764 – 1942 it was in the possession of the counts Harrachs and because of high technical quality and artistic value local production became hot not only in Bohemia, but also around European and world markets. There is also possibility of visiting the glass works itself where the most of it’s production is handmade. Visitors can also see the unique old technology in the cutting room.

History of the accommodation in Harrachov is dated between 18th and 19th century when people let the lonely travellers to sleep over in their humble houses.

 Just a little bit eastern of the town in the distance of a comfortable walk there is the possibility to visit the most glamorous natural interest of Harrachov, about ten meters high Mumlava waterfall. In the granite riverbed there are naturally created giant pots, made by strong river stream and erosion.


Nowdays, Harrachov is mostly known as a tourist place. Especially winter sports are preferred here due to 2 chair lifts and complex of ski slopes. There is also five ski jumping platforms including one of the largest in the world called The Mammoth. In the summer, Harrachov is great starting point for your hiking or biking trips. You can also choose from large offer of the accommodation in the town. 


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